Welcome to Swamp Rat’s Rat Pack

Swamp Rat’s Rat Pack (SRRP), is a Day of Defeat: Source clan based in America. Formed in 2007, SRRP has over 100 members from the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world. Our ranks are based on U.S. Army ranks during WW II. The founder of the clan is GOA Swamp Rat.

The SRRP server is located at dods.srrp.us:27015 or Our standard map (which we are known for) is an Orange Tower map, dod_orange_the_tower_v3__op.

Forum & Website Rules

  1. Keep profanity to a minimum. No profanity from members. Respect other players and obey requests from admins. Apologize for all team kills. Act with maturity.
  2. Do not flame other people’s posts.
  3. Stay on topic. If you want to stray away from the topic, create a new thread.
  4. No porn pictures/material in game or on the forums.
  5. Absolutely no racism in game or on the forums.
  6. No advertisements of any other clan except SRRP.
  7. Do not spam or “bump” posts with useless replies.
  8. Place threads in the appropriate sections.
  9. Report any problems to a General and/or Officers of SRRP.
  10. Stay positive; Positive attitude means positive experience.
  11. Only one forum account; do not “ban dodge”.

By registering on this website you have agreed to follow these rules. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be punished without warning.

40 Responses to Welcome to Swamp Rat’s Rat Pack

  1. [SRRP]Brig.Gen Taintedwisp

    Awesome new site.

  2. really good job!

  3. Great new site!

  4. love this site!

  5. Awesome sight 🙂

  6. ok guys whats up

  7. [SRRP]Brig.Gen Taintedwisp

    Sup sniperkillz

  8. nm man chillin been working alot but stil playing lol

  9. i got myself more muscle now 😀 been digging 20 inch holes to plant over 100 pound bushes! LOL

  10. not to mention plenty wide too!

  11. I love the new map on the server.

  12. ya me to the next map is the same but not orange it will be all texterd as in real life for all the ppl love texerd its comeing out great looks realy nice
    nothing will be move or deleted it will stay the same but texterd

  13. Great page and server ;D

  14. cant wait to play with you guys again! I’ve been in the middle of a big move and I need my own PC. Should have one soon so don’t be pacing back and forth by the computer, hahah! I miss you all, see you soon.

  15. hey everyone just saying hi and wonder whats been going on lately, i have gotten a beta key for counterstrike globle offensive, so i have been testing it out a bit, seems like half the people still like source and the other half like it so time will tell. shout out to swamprat rat pack. hooah!

  16. Site looks great.

  17. Havent been here for a long time. The more i´m surprized how nice this site looks now. Good Job!

  18. Love the various map guys, keep it up.

  19. Love the various map guys, keep it up.

  20. What’s up guys? 🙂

  21. Best group of people to play with.

  22. I hereby claim this home comment section!

  23. Good Clan Swap Rat!

  24. Brig.Gen.Greenwood (SRO)

    Wow only two posts in 2014.

  25. Maj.Gen.Greenwood (SRO)

    People should use this

  26. Well First post for the 2015’s!

  27. Maj.Gen.Greenwood (SRO)


  28. Maj.Gen.Greenwood (SRO)

    First post for the 2016’s

  29. Despite me playing for over a year on your server, you guys banned me today for my username:Serb007 just because a random player told you to

  30. UNBAN ME PLEASE this is the only server i play on

  31. UNBAN ME PLEASE this is the only server …my IP

  32. Got banned while defending myself from a TK’er “Totally Nice Person”, Raptor Jesus can vouch for me, he was in the server at the time.

    Username: leastworstgamer

    Raptor can attest to the TKing going on.

  33. hi guys I just was able to fix my login as i was unable to log into the web site that’s fixed now. I need to get my admin rights back if anyone can help me get that set up. I would like to ban and change map if or just be able to use my admin would be great thanks all hope to be spending more time in the forums now that i can log in see in game all.

  34. can i get my admin controls back please

  35. Wow….Great…new site

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