SRRP Server Info & Rules

The SRRP server is located at dods.srrp.us:27015. Our standard map (which we are known for) is an Orange Tower map, dod_srrp_orange_the_tower_v3__op.

SRRP Server Rules

  1. Respect all SRRP members, admins, and all other players.
  2. Follow any reasonable instructions or requests from higher-ranked clan members (or from any clan member for pubs), including, but not limited to, instructions not directly pertaining to any of these rules, such as requests to switch teams.
  3. No abusive behavior.
  4. No intentional team killing.
  5. All players must apologize for any accidental team killing.
  6. No racism or discriminatory behavior against any individual, group, or protected class (including within user names).
  7. No profanity from members; no excessive profanity or profanity directed at others from pubs.
  8. No pornographic or offensive sprays.
  9. No cheating, hacks, or exploitation of any glitches or gameplay mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to accuse anyone of hacking, cheating, or exploiting glitches or gameplay mechanics while in-game. If you believe someone is doing so, record a demo showing evidence and submit it to a General for evaluation.
  11. No recruiting or advertising for other clans.
  12. Voice and chat must be in English, and all usernames must be readable or pronounceable in English.
  13. SRRP members have priority to all slots; pubs may be kicked in order to make room for a clan member wishing to join (we hope you do try and rejoin when a slot become available).

SRRP Ranks and Promotions

SRRP follows the same system of ranks as used by the United States Army during World War II.

Generals are the leading council of the clan.

GOA. (General of Army) 
Lt. Gen. (Lieutenant General)
Maj.Gen. (Major General)
Brig.Gen. (Brigadier General)

Below the Generals are their Officers, and help the Generals keep the clan organized and running well.

Col. (Colonel)
Lt. Col. (Lieutenant Colonel)
Maj. (Major)
Capt. (Captain)
1st Lt. (1st Lieutenant)
2nd Lt. (2nd Lieutenant)

Below the Officers are our non-commissioned officers (NCOs). They are our server admins and help enforce the rules on our servers.

M/Sgt. (Master Sergeant)
T/Sgt. (Technical Sergeant)
S/Sgt. (Staff Sergeant)
Sgt. (Sergeant)

Our enlisted personnel are our newest members, who have not yet prove their readiness for server admin responsibilities.

Cpl. (Corporal)
Pfc. (Private First Class)
Pvt. (Private)

SRRP members will earn promotions based on how well they represent the clan, follow and enforce our rules, and their activity level — how often they play on the server, and how regularly they check the SRRP website and forum to stay informed on what is going on.

All members are expected to visit the SRRP website, forum, and Steam group at least twice a week, and to play on the server at least 2 hours each week. Any SRRP server admin (rank of Sergeant and above) who does not maintain this level of activity for two consecutive weeks is subject to having their server admin privileges removed. If you will be inactive for two or more weeks because of family, work, school, illness, or any other reason, you are expected to let the officers know about it by posting a new thread in the Inactivity Notices section of the SRRP forums.

How to bind !medic to a key

Binding !medic is an easy but extremely effective way to boost your health, in best case faster than your enemy. You can bind much more commands, but !medic is the most frequently used one on our server. Just pick your favorite button, e.g. x in our example, press it ingame and your health will increase again.

Therefore, just follow these steps:
1. Open console.
2. Type: bind “x” “say !medic”
3. Only press x ingame  and you will yell for a medic.