The Tower v3 OP - An Extensive Camping Guide

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The Tower v3 OP - An Extensive Camping Guide

Postby Maj.Gen.Greenwood (SRO) » Sat May 24, 2014 12:57 pm

Many people hate camping (reference to: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2392&p=13922) But personally I love camping. Here is a guide on how to camp many floors and ensure a positive K/D and a positive experience on dod_orange_the_tower_v3_op

Floor 4:

Method 1: To successfully camp this floor, while also ensuring you're covered. It's suggested you have a man on 3rd/5th floor covering the main ladder while you camp on the ledge in-front of the ladder. This servers a purpose in-case they come up with a grenade / rocket. If you can do this without getting killed, this will really frustrate the other team in to becoming a bunch of reckless guys.

Method 2: Another way to camp this floor is to have a sniper from top shooting down onto the side ladder whenever they climb up, by doing this this makes them go up the main ladder onto fifth where you can easily ensure your safety by sniping downwards.

Floor 5:

Method 1: An easy way to camp this floor would be having an MG and whenever somebody comes up Rambo them, do it on the side where your teams ladder is to ensure Nades are less likely to kill you. It's also smart to have another friendly helping you do this , Ex: Sniper/Support.

Method 2: Another way to camp five is to use a sniper rifle. Snipe down on the enemy side , whenever they attempt to get up their and kill you. Block the ladder with your body and no-scope with your sniper rifle into their head/chest for killshots. This is an easy way to boost your Sniper rifle stats. Be aware of explosives.

Method 3: The last of the easier ways are to use a rocket class , whenever somebody comes up blow them up. With that said they could throw a primed grenade if you're not careful enough.

The Top:

Method 1: A great way to camp top that most know would go as a rocket class, pick up a sniper rifle/rifle and then camp top with that. Whenever they come up two ladders at once you have your secondary weapon to kill them quickly and effectively. With more ammo than a pistol

Method 2: Another great way is something Swamp Rat, Greko023 and a couple other members do. Set up an MG to cover main ladder , while doing this have a sniper snipe down the side/main ladders with auto-weapon cover in-case the sniper dies. This will almost always ensure your team holding top the whole game.

Method 3: Something I like to do would be to camp in the side-ladder, whenever an enemy comes up drop onto them while a friend covers the main ladder. This will almost always work a couple of times and is a real annoyance to get rid of.
Have another method worth adding? PM me and you will get a mention for it.
Written by Greenwood.
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