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Postby hambooga » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:06 pm

So recently Junior and I have been wondering about ways to resurrect SRRP in such a way that it gains enough of the attention it used to have so there’s a consistent player base, and how we can get the old normals of SRRP (which we’ve noticed are scattered all around DOD:S) back to the server. We think that since there’s nothing really signifying that SRRP even exists on DOD:S anymore, just a server that plays orange_the_tower, people don’t really join them, especially those that used to play on the servers every day. Our first suggestion would be to maybe change the server name to the original name, “SWAMP RAT'S RAT PACK MEDIC/PARACHUTE 24/7 Tower OP” instead of Secret Server, or even host/buy a new server with that name. You can’t really attract SRRP players to a server that isn’t labeled as SRRP, I know a lot of those people also loved the community aspect of SRRP itself as well. Another suggestion might be fairly obvious, but it’s been fairly persistent through the times I’ve played in the server and Junior has shared his frustration in the past about it. The server crashing has been a real issue for a while, since people would usually leave and the server would empty out after it comes back on.
That seems to be it for now, we hope these suggestions can be used in the future and perhaps improve the quality of the server and the quantity of players that join the server in general, we would really like for SRRP to come back.
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