November 2011 Promotions

Congratulations on your promotions, and keep up the good work!

November 30th, 2011
Corbin to Cpl.

November 29th, 2011
SniperKillz to Lt.Col.

November 28th, 2011
Jersey to Maj.Gen.

November 27th, 2011
Darksoul to Sgt.
HamMeR to M/Sgt.

November 26th, 2011
Tuscan to Sgt.

November 25th, 2011
Brandon Ha to T/Sgt.
The Deacon to M/Sgt.

November 19th, 2011
peanutpancakes to Sgt.

November 15th, 2011
Hoosbinpharteen to 1st.Lt.

November 11th, 2011
Greenwood to Maj.

November 5th, 2011
RedRuM to T/Sgt.
HamMeR to T/Sgt.

November 2nd, 2011
Bear to Pfc.
Drunkpopt4rt to Pfc.

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